It’s absurd that we have to “work” at simplifying our lives. The stack of paperwork gets higher every day, and stuff seems to breed overnight. Here’s my latest strategy for making a dent in the accumulation. If I wear something that isn’t quite right — too tight, too loose, wrong color, etc — I DO NOT put it back in the closet. I take it off, and put it in a bag to donate to the local thrift store. I realize now that the secret is to have a bag permanently stationed in the corner of the room as a constant reminder. After looking at it every day for a month now, the habit of evaluating my stuff — love it, use it, or lose it — is finally sinking in.  Shedding extras feels fabulous. It not only frees up your living space, but helps to unjumble your brain, which is very comforting. Besides, the distraction helps you temporarily escape from any mental stress you might be having at the moment. You get to help the thrift store, the shoppers (I am one), and your household all at once. Don’t you just love win-win situations?