I’ve actually clocked it. The difference in time it takes me to do something in a hurry vs. doing it slowly is miniscule. I’ve discovered over the years that the results of moving fast and efficiently is merely an illusion that ends up feeding migraines, anger, crankiness, and lots of mishaps. Basically, hasting and wasting. Everyone’s seen it — the car that’s dodging in and out of traffic to get there before you ends up two cars ahead at the signal. Same principle applies to most everything, and benefits are profound. Here’s some significant results in my own life: slower kitchen work means fewer cuts, burns, and broken dishes; slower movements in weight exercise builds bigger muscles; more thoughtful paperwork means fewer mistakes at work; slower driving means, well, you know; the list goes on. Most of all, moving fast through your life creates mega stress for you AND your family. When that subsides, your brain relaxes and starts thinking more clearly, about everything. What’s amazing is that you suddenly notice stuff you never saw when your brain was flooded with so much time pressure. This is important.