My son said something recently that hit home, “We don’t see our friends much anymore. We’re in our own little world.” It’s so easy to get enveloped by what needs to be done every day, especially if you’re still raising children, working, and trying to keep up with the laundry. Pretty soon the months are gone and your social life with it. Pretty soon you’re  a chore-robot who’s more alone than they want to be. If we all stay in our own little worlds, we risk killing that spark. Socializing fuels fun and laughter, relieves boredom, expands supportive networks, and fosters light-bulb moments that help you cope better with stress. Loneliness and depression have increased dramatically since everyone started letting busyness rule their lives. The need for human interaction doesn’t go away just because your minutes are filled, and the months ahead are the perfect time to regroup. When’s the last time you asked someone over for… whatever?