Renewal isn’t just in the yard where daffodils and crocus start the parade of spring color. Seeing the earth activate always gives me the urge to start fresh inside my home as well. But spring cleaning is more than just dust. Consider extending this urge to your life in general this year. Here are some easy tips to get you thinking about the different parts of your life. Physical: Besides cleaning up house and yard, don’t forget your body (e.g. cholesterol, teeth, rest, water, exercise, a new hairdo). Mental: try breaking a bad habit, read instead of TV, start crosswording, take a class.  Social: join an organization of interest, invite someone new over for dessert. Spiritual: volunteer, end the day with gratitude, focus more on the things you have instead of what you’re missing. Emotional: play more music, worry less, forgive someone, rent more comedies. Good luck.