It’s hard to keep your spirits up these days. (I have a house for sale. Tell me about it.) And the feeding frenzy of TV news just fuels the fire. Think about this: The way you START the day can set the tone for the rest of it, so it makes sense that starting off in a funk might mean staying there longer. For your own sanity, think about a newsfast and music. Lately I’ve been replacing TV news and my usual rushing around with music that’s barely there, my current favorite, Essence by Peter Kater. Sitting still and listening to this for 10 min. in the morning has been incredibly calming. Apparently brain chaos begs to be interrupted with a rest, however brief, because ideas and solutions sometimes just pop into my head. And worries often seem smaller. I know time is hard to come by in the morning with work or children or the chores and worries vying for your attention, but can you possibly get up 10 min. earlier? It’s worth a try.