Sometimes the day is clear — get up, get fed, get out the door. But life has many phases, and days aren’t always so clear. When you’re in parenting mode, your children’s needs come first on the list. And when you’re earning a living, money pretty much dictates your time. As life moves forward, though, choices expand because there’s now time to fit in more of your own desires.
I know people yearn for more freedom of choice when their options are so restricted but, ironically, in some ways life was easier when I didn’t have so many choices. Mental juggling is consuming as I attempt to blend the must-do’s with the should-do’s with what I really want to do. Moving is so much more complicated than I remember, so these days I’m mixed up most of the time. Surprising that this is even readable.
All this leads to the importance of re-evaluating priorities on a regular basis. In a super active life, what’s in front of your nose at the time is what automatically jumps to the top of the list every day. What NEEDS to get done. But keeping life in “crisis mode”, doesn’t leave room for planning ahead, for your heart’s desires, or for any growth at all.
Re-evaluating each day’s direction is important because life is in constant flux. What happens today may change the way you thought tomorrow would go. What happens this morning may change the way you thought tonight would go, and so on. One thing’s for sure, you need to keep the item “do nothing” in the mix. Down time gives your brain a chance to regroup, so slip it in once in a while.
Yesterday I was going about my busy business when the doorbell rang. I was so happy to see a friend standing there that I dropped everything and sat down for one of my favorite things, conversation. New plan. New priority. A new calm.