I’m about to enter a whole new world. A smaller world… a simpler world… a calmer world. And I’m loving it.
Even though the perks of de-cluttering and simplifying is something I’ve talked about for a long time, it’s clear to me now that I’ve been merely dabbling here and there. Cleaning out a drawer, clearing out a closet, selling an occasional piece of furniture. Now I’m REALLY “walking the walk” with my move to a home that is half the size. I’m discovering that the challenge is seductive. How low I can go. ha
The thought of so drastically downsizing — on purpose — has brought varied reactions from friends. From “Just the thought of moving mortifies me.” to “Congratulations, what a great adventure!” I know that gathering stuff is an American pastime, but just think about it. Imagine being surrounded with only those things that make you and your family smile. There are those absolute necessities, of course, but even those can be chosen with care and sometimes placed out of sight. Cookbooks don’t make me smile, but I do like to eat so someone around here has to cook… I guess. Having a little pile of emergency frozen meals in the freezer — at all times — has been a life saver. But I digress…
Everyday I fantasize about weaving around less furniture and having a smaller heating bill. I dream about less vacuuming and having a smaller yard to tenderly tend. Maybe they’ll be time finally to set out a bird bath or two in my wonderful new yard. There’ll be new neighbors to meet, new shops to haunt, new dance floors to glide across.
Eliminating unnecessary possessions has been surprisingly liberating. I’ve talked about this process so often over the years that I hate to admit it took this move to really get it. Getting rid of it all is like taking off a heavy winter coat. The feeling of relief is palpable.
In case you’d like to feel a little of this relief for yourself, one of my favorite reads can help jumpstart your process, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. It’s not a woo-woo kind of book, but a down-to-earth, practical guide to getting started.
Everyone gets used to their own stuff. It accumulates so gradually over the years that pretty soon it blends into the background of your life. Until, one day you need to stuff your stuff into a space half as big. A de-cluttered closet feels great, but a de-cluttered life feels awesome! We can’t wait for our new life to begin!