Yes, that’s a suspender hanging on my bathroom wall. I had a brainstorm several years ago when my husband threw out a pair of novelty suspenders he had acquired. I rescued them from the trash thinking they must be good for something. After all, they WERE rainbows. The brainstorm: hang it next to the sink in the bathroom so I would have various hair fasteners and decorative clips at my fingertips. My practical side saw it as the perfect solution to organize my little collection.
After clipping to it the only hair flower I had at the time, it’s potential — a virtual wall vase — became apparent. This vertical collection has grown over the years because it’s so great to have flowers in the bathroom that you can add to, switch around, and NOT water. A regular ribbon could work as long as it was thick, but the suspenders are already sturdy and give a unique background to your bouquet. Besides, it’s a wonderful meshing of masculine and feminine for households that contain both.
I tried to follow my mother’s example in the beginning – match all the towels, keep it sparkling clean, hang just right pictures on all the appropriate walls. In other words, keep your bathroom ready for a photographer at all times. Her message never really took because, to this day, matching towels trigger a certain rebellion. Lord knows, she would hate this weird “thing” defacing that conventional bathroom look.
Bathrooms are important. You start the day in there, you end the day in there. It’s where you coif yourself to meet the world, make the dentist happy, and the only really private place in the house when you don’t live alone. The only reason this is hanging in the bathroom was to deal with hair products, but the idea works in any room that has 6” of free wall space.
The effect flowers have on our psyches is profound. Just think about all the occasions we use them for… to comfort and to celebrate. Devising your own vertical vase is a simple idea that could make a real difference in how your day starts. A de-stressor and smile inducer for everyone in the family.
Do you do anything at all in the mornings to help start your day out better?