Blame it on the weather or…. just another version of “the dog ate my homework.” This Clue is late because I’ve been digging weeds and can’t pull my eyes away from watching my yard bloom. Here in the Pacific Northwest, where the weather changes every 15 minutes, we wait longingly for spring to hatch. Fabulous sunny days are punctuated with cloudy, windy ones. Or is it the reverse? I’ve spent so much of my life buried in responsibilities, tasks and emotional stress that I’m now determined to start taking advantage of the natural stress relief of nature. I know it’s hard to make flowers and bushes and birdies a priority when you’re still commuting, working all day, parenting, tending your house, and scheduling mandatory activities in between. HOWEVER… you might be surprised by the tiny respite from stress you’ll get by enjoying a flower or two, even if it’s just for five minutes. Better yet is a vase full on the table. Sadly, that usually costs $$$, so look around outside and give your brain a little rest.