If the only purpose today serves is to get you through ’til tomorrow, consider this. If you’re buried in obligations, if all your time is spent on must-do’s and should-do’s, where is there time left over for what’s important to YOU? Personally, I’m very familiar with this autopilot existence and have worked to combat it for years. It’s hard. But if you set aside a little time slot to “evaluate”, you might be surprised by your own life. Maybe it’s right on. But then again, maybe it’s way off of where you hoped it would be. Just an hour of thinking time every once in a while will help you point your lifestyle in a better direction. Hopefully, a calmer and more satisfying one. Ironically, though I hate to say it, adding this “me” time to your calendar might be the only way to make sure you do it! Just pretend it’s a hair cut or a massage, and pencil it in.