Valentine’s Day. I was torn about what image to choose. We love our lovers. We love Spot. We love chocolate, children, family and friends. After spending an hour waffling between possibilities, this warm glowing abstract won my heart.
Valentine’s Day is a welcomed reminder of how important love is in my life. Having this designated time that shouts, “LOVE” reminds me of what I often take for granted when the days and weeks are too full of back-to-back activity.
Media hype insists we couple. This overblown emphasis makes those without loving relationships feel extra lonely as the sea of red hearts close in this week. I have a single friend who told me once that V-Day was the worst, most depressing day of the year for him, and I’m ashamed to say that I’d never even thought about that because I’d been coupled for so long. Maybe you can think of a neighbor or someone you know who would appreciate a personal pick-me-up… a card, an email, phone call, or a spontaneous visit. I think there are more people than we realize who feel alone… a lot.
The emphasis on romantic love tomorrow is only a fraction of the story. Children, grandchildren, mom&dad, and close friends all need to know how much they mean to you. Even if you think the people you cherish already know how you feel–and they might not–it feels good to be told again. Especially when you feel overwhelmed by a stress filled life.
Consider nurturing yourself and those around you because love seems to make everything better… for the giver and the receiver.