Is there a difference between the words “easy” and “simple”? Or between “little” and “small”? They seemingly mean the same thing, but how do the words hit you when you hear them? Say, for instance, in the title of a book purchase you’re considering. In lives of high-end problems and drama, this dilemma is miniscule, of course. But wordplay is, after all, what I do.
As I finished my latest writing project, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about a title that would coax someone into paying money for my words. But at last, task done. Ahhhhhh. Finishing an important project is satisfying, but the unexpected part is the pleasure I get from crossing it off the list. A loose end, much like a hanging chad, simply must be removed.
Feeling squared away is a real stress buster for me, and relief is instant. I’d go so far as to say I feel lighter after checking off tasks and mind numbing decisions. Getting all those ducks in their proper rows has been an extra challenge this year because moving to a new town has meant starting over. Everything is new, but the hardest thing of all is the vast number of unfamiliar faces. The shoulders of friends nearby are gone and it takes time to find new ones to lean on.
Moving forward in my life makes me feel like I’m growing and improving, and that’s very satisfying. Moving forward also means being active, and when you’re active there’s always a little something undone hanging over your head. I confess that I’ve actually added a completed task to my list AFTER I’ve done it, just to have the pleasure of crossing it out. How crazy is that?
For your curious pleasure, and mine, I Googled the phrase “ducks in a row” because it’s meaning fits me to a tee. Click on the link… if you can spare a minute.