Thank you card w/pink carnationsIn keeping with the spirit of the U.S. Thanksgiving celebration this week, I’d like to thank all of you who bought my books and tuned in to my blog this year. I try my best to write uplifting pieces that will help you AND me ease into a better way of living. Positive changes are bound to make life easier. The mere title of my blog, Weeding Out the Crap, still makes me smile.

My goal is to help readers buck the trend of mind-numbing busyness that surrounds us all most of the time, a trend that’s hooked me often even though I write about the opposite. Changing the way you’ve done things for years is easier when you have regular reminders, so writing weekly is my way of keeping you on track. Nudging Nudging Nudging. I hope it’s made a difference for you!

The cultural focus on the big Thanksgiving dinner is powerful and hard to ignore. And when you’re knee deep in family arrangements and turkey basting it’s easy to forget that not everyone has family to celebrate with. Not everyone has friends. I remember when my own children left home and moved out of state. I suddenly felt left out of all that I was “supposed” to be doing, and it took years to adjust. Thinking beyond your own family and including “orphans” at the dinner table will help us all start the holiday season in a better frame of mind. Besides, it would be nice to see a new face at the table. A newby means new conversation, AND the family wouldn’t dare air its gripes in front of strangers… would they?