Clown holding balloons that say Thank You for buying author's new book, Emerging from the Heartache of Loss.I’m so grateful to those of you who have helped make my book successful. I hope it has helped you or someone you know through the worst of it. You might expect a book about grieving to pull you down, but words of comfort can calm the heart- wrenching emotions that come with experiencing a loss. Not as good as a hug, but still.
The holiday season is especially hard for those who have had to adjust recently to a major loss. Giddy emotion is everywhere, and being surrounded by such a high level of celebration can accentuate the pain because you just don’t feel like it.
Loss is far reaching and touches many areas of life, but it always involves change… of the way it used to be… of the person we used to have in our lives. We not only lose our loved ones through death, but we lose jobs, relationships, health, pets, nest eggs… even a dream.
Book cover: Emerging from the Heartache of Loss: How to Survive Grief and Start Living Again.I remember well what a relief it was to finally meet someone who understands, who gets the way I think. Emerging is infused with this same feeling of relief because it tackles the whole gamut of emotions that we experience with loss. Some of them might even surprise you.
I overheard someone whose husband had recently died, “Nobody wants to be around a sad sack.” Well sure, facing a smiling face feels wonderful. But during low times, smiling just isn’t possible. People expect it so we try to accommodate, but inside…. Maybe you know someone who is putting on their happy face for the world to see, but you know they could use a boost about now. Emerging from the Heartache of Loss is a little book that makes an excellent gift.