In keeping with the spirit of the U.S. holiday this week, I’d like to thank you all for regularly tuning in to me and my suggestions for a more pleasurable life. Thank you for joining those of us who strive to improve the quality of our lives through baby steps forward. 
Changing the way you’ve done things for years is hard, but regular reminders make it easier. My goal in blogging these weekly hints is to help you buck the trend of mind-numbing busyness that we’re surrounded by most of the time. It’s so easy to get caught up in it, but as Hugh Prather so brilliantly put it, “There’s a better way to go through life than kicking and screaming.” And subtracting stress is very very very important. LifeTweaks is my way of keeping you on track, nudging you inch by inch toward making positive changes so you can start enjoying your life more. I hope it’s made a difference for you!