The commotion down the street pulled us in. Just imagine getting out of your car as always and hearing, not just a bark or two, but a deafening “symphony” from the next block. You can’t NOT go see what was happening: piles and piles of agitated sea lions.
It was our anniversary after all, and how else would you want to spend it? After an hour of watching these furry bodies pile up, I finally figured it out.
There are eight little docks set up in a protected cove on the Oregon Coast, all strung together to lure tourists like us. At a certain time of day, sea lions gravitate to this favorite napping spot. First come first serve, of course. Once all available surfaces are filled, incoming nappers continue to arrive, circling each dock and peeking over the edges for available space. They bark as they circle, but I couldn’t tell whether this meant “Is there room at the inn?” or “Let me on, damn it!”
The reply back from those already onboard was easy, “Not here, #$%&!” Some brave souls wouldn’t take “no” for an answer and  attempted to board anyway. Many tiffs ensued, all involved snarling, pushing and shoving. Some were allowed to pile on while others backed off right away so there must be some sort of pecking order. Occasional upstarts would push a body off to make room, which created sort of an undulation to the mass. Nothing stands in the way of a sea lion’s beloved nap.
My fascination with these growing piles was clear. I treasure my bed at night and love love love a good afternoon rest. Even ten minutes of relaxation rejuvenates me.