Protecting the entrance as kits emerge.

I feel quite like David Attenborough as I watch four tiny fox kits struggle their way from under our shed at 4:30 am. A gray fox couple has once again chosen our property to raise their family and we’re thrilled to catch it on our new trail cam.

My son Jesse gave us one so we could catch the night action. It’s strapped to the nearest tree and we’re voyeurs to the secret life they’re leading outside while we’re dreaming inside. The morning entertainment now is retrieving the SD card from the cam, plugging it into the desktop, then clicking each 15-minute video in hopes of new antics the night before. Watching who’s roaming around your property in the middle of the night is a real hoot — raccoons, deer, cats, skunks and now FOXES! So fun!

We welcome this little predator. There’s a wetlands area behind our home, so between cats and foxes we don’t have the mice, rats or voles that so many of our neighbors have to deal with. Papa fox is becoming bolder every day and has even dashed across the patio in broad daylight with a mouthful of rat. Aha, proof!

We wondered how cats and foxes get along, and a pecking order is obvious. There are four cats regularly patrolling our property and Bill caught a showdown one day: fox and cat stood face-to-face for a brief moment, then whoosh, cat turned tail! Bill has a genius for timing and once spotted the fox running across the lawn and pouncing on a cat’s back from behind. No fighting, no noise, just one startled kitty who took off like a bat out of you know where. Who’s boss is evident!


4th kit joins siblings to play in the daylight!

We had foxes under the gardening shed last year, but we didn’t know until mama finally brought her kids out to play in the morning sun. She’s extremely cautious. Now we get nighttime action, and there’s nothing cuter than watching them emerge from under our shed — one by one by one.

I regret my lame photography skills, but you get the idea. These are stills taken from the videos and babies just don’t sit still for a moment! There will no doubt be better updates along the way as they get bigger and bolder and, I get tech smarter.