I changed my mind and I’m glad. This reversal has always meant to me that someone let new information seep into their brain, like a senator who changes his “nay” to “yea” after he got smarter.
New information is like gold, and here’s the newest in my head today. Apparently, there is no sex in space. Zero gravity means participants would separate, and even if they worked out an system of straps, slings and pulleys, they’d still be floating around, bashing against walls and knocking into warp-drive levers, etc. Ha, what an image! This titillating tidbit was brought to me by an article in the magazine Popular Mechanics titled “Has Anyone Ever Had Sex in Space?” and was included on a page called Great Unknowns: big questions, answers you can’t find on the internet.
But the antics of space sex isn’t the important part. It’s that this information was in a magazine that I’d rejected long ago. Popular Mechanics, in my mind, was for those who wondered how things work and liked to tinker with motors and moving parts. What could be further from the study of human behavior and personal growth? In fact, there was a time in my marriage when I wondered how on earth we’d make it, him reading Popular Mechanics and Truck Trader and me reading something like Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Happy to report that we‘re still together in spite of our diverse interests and reading habits.
Old habits and thought patterns do die hard, but I’m convinced they don’t have to. If I had been more open-minded and relaxed years ago, who knows how smart I’d be today.
This simple example of a new magazine is trivial, but it does make me wonder how much I might have missed in my life because of a closed mind. Which I didn’t know I had at the time, by the way. I’m pleased to add this quirky bit of space info to my continuing sex education, but the best part is the satisfaction of opening my mind to something new. I have to admit it. I am a convert and already looking forward to next month’s edition.