When I get really busy, and I’m not really thirsty, I forget about drinking water. We’re really no different from the plants in our yards, though; water helps us flourish. I notice how much perkier the branches are the next day after I’ve soaked the soil instead of just sprinkling the ground around the roots. Token water only helps is barely survive. As a reminder, consider putting more water in your life this summer. Not only on the inside, but treat your mind and body to its magic more often. The trickling sound of a creek or the lapping of waves soothes your senses. Boating and floating gets you on top of it, while swimming surrounds your body with it’s liquid powers. And, ending the day in the tub helps to erase the day, making for a better night’s sleep! I had a great idea once when a toddler came to visit. I filled a bucket with water and gave her a paint brush. She sat for the longest time painting designs on my porch.