Mama digs a bigger door!

“I’d like to be a fly on the wall when THAT happens!” It’s a wish I’ve had many times over the years when curiosity got the better of me. And now I am that fly as I watch our fox family after dark. Photos in daylight provide the best pics, but it’s fascinating to see what they’re up to while you’re sleeping. Like a little laser show, some of the footage is just shadows with 10 glowing eyes darting about. (Photography disclaimer: We have the camera set on video, so all of the stills are me stopping the action and snapping a photo with my iPhone. I’m positive there’s a much better way!)

Indulge me. I’m enamored by the fox family under my gardening shed and can’t help writing about it again. To share our joy and entertainment with friends, family and readers gives us great pleasure.


Watching the kids learning to climb!

Mama fox is vigilant. Rodents flourish in the field behind our house, but there are also predators–turkey vultures, owls and coyotes. But she’s bringing her kits out from the protection of the den during daylight hours now that they are older. Bill’s fashioned a little fox playground with concrete blocks and wood pallets, and she sits on the highest peak so she can keep her eyes on all 4 of her children at once.

Our shed sits on the edge of the property, but we’ve discovered they use the back side, facing the neighbor’s yard, as their entrance to the den. The front of the shed, apparently, is the back door. This year she dug 2 exits, but we can’t figure out why. His and her? Parents and the kids? The old fence between our properties is slowly falling apart, but this is a good thing. The gaps make excellent portals from one side to the other. Lucky foxes!

We stood on our heads last year trying to capture images we could share. With the trail cam now mounted on the tree, we don’t have to sneak or peek around the corners of the house to capture fleeting moments. I did get good, however, at playing statue with my phone at the ready.

Attenborough would be proud!


Another meaning to the phrase “foxholes”!