“Good morning, Ladies!” These 3 words—whispered or merely in my head— is what begins my day on a positive note. And some mornings I need some help in that direction. Bad moods linger longer than I want sometimes, and I often have trouble shaking a really bad dream. it’s been an amazing experiment on the power of art, and on how important 3 words and a smile can be. (Also, think I love you’s.)

My new piece of art hangs over the mantel, smack dab in front of me as I savor my first sip of coffee every morning. Snuggled into the corner of the loveseat, I tuck my feet up and wrap an afghan around my legs. As I look up at these women I can almost hear the music. Their joy rubs off. Even if I had a 9-to-5, I’d get up 15 minutes early to make this feeling happen.

This particular piece of art, of course, makes sense for me; I love to dance and can’t help smiling at 3 friends feeling the beat. (They ARE friends in my head!) Dancing images of all kinds make me happy, but whatever lifts a spirit is different for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or house or one room in a basement somewhere. The important part is setting it up for a successful day ahead. Starting off in a positive frame of mind has made a big difference for me, especially for how my off-days go. Even if the effect doesn’t last, I get that momentary relief from doldrums or sadness or the usual Monday morning blues. And if I wake up on the right side of the bed, these ladies multiply an already good mood.

We found this little piece of art tucked into the back corner of the local antique store. It wasn’t even visible until we discovered the Hawaiian corner! These ladies were dancing on the back wall, but were camouflaged by the racks of colorful Hawaiian shirts. The best part – $35!!! What could be better? A beautiful frame, vibrant colors, and the joy of movement. A small price to pay for a bit of morning therapy!

Weeded out this week: The notion that art only has a place as part of fancy decor. Galleries are fine if you have lots of money, but most thrift shops have an art corner. And that’s really where you can find some interesting stuff.