Every year about this time I get slightly jealous of all the tropical cruises, Italian villas and road trips that people talk about. But this summer I’ve started looking at all the great places close to home that I’ve ignored because of my vacation daydreaming. (I guess peer pressure works no matter how old you are.) Think about it; a vacation is defined as a period of rest from work, so just staying  home qualifies. What a relief to sleep in every morning or read a whole book OR not turn on the computer. Then bank the money you saved on gas!!! If you still want to get away, consider exploring all that surrounds you this summer. No matter where you live there’s bound to be something you’d like to see or do within driving distance. A weekend away is great because it avoids all the packing decisions required when you plan to escape for a week or two; day trips are even less trouble, park trips even less than that. AND… you get to sleep in your own bed at night. Yea!