I’m back. I’m amazed. My first cruise ever woke me up to a word I’ve never attached to myself before, “complacency”. Climbing into my own bed after a week on this huge floating hotel made me realize how great I already had it at home. No matter where you live, it seems like life’s mandatory activities can fill just about every calendar square if you let them. My own busyness has kept me from appreciating the very neighborhood/town that I’m fortunate enough to live in. A new term popped up for me recently on a program about climbing gas prices, “stay-cation”, and I’m a believer. The huge expense and constant activity aboard AND off the ship, help me to redefine the word “vacation” to include staying at home. I mean, think of 7 whole days of sleeping in and doing whatever you want every day. You wouldn’t have to pack or spend or guard your belongings. When my children were young we often took them to Grandma’s for a few days and then….  went home. Just being alone was the stress buster we needed. Now, maybe you aren’t crazy about where you live and have no choice but to get away from the chaos, but there are lots of ideas floating around on making the most of your own place. This year I challenge you to find a few. You’ll be richer for it.