Fingers picking candy from box of See's Candy on Valentine's Day.


It’s 7:30 in the morning and a piece of this chocolate heaven is melting on my tongue as I write. Then, as the last trace disappears, the urge to have another rears its ugly head! A box full of my favorite See’s candy, Bordeauxs, came in the mail yesterday. And what could be a better surprise than a gift from my children on Valentine’s Day. Thank you, Christy and Jesse!

Valentine’s is a day when love swirls around the lovers among us, but it’s only part of the story. Romance isn’t everything. Many of us dearly love close friends, our parents, our children and siblings. And even though the people you cherish might already know how you feel — and they might not — it feels really good to be reminded. Letting them know how much they mean to you gives them reassurance that you care. A few words on a card, a call, a visit, email, text or tweet all say I’m thinking about you and that’s the thing that feels so good to hear.

Spreading the Love Helps Those Who Might Feel Lonely

Media hype insists we couple, which can make those without family, friends or loving relationships to celebrate feel extra lonely as the sea of red hearts close in. A single friend told me once that this day was the worse day of the year for him and I’ll never forget that comment. Maybe you can think of a neighbor or someone you know who feels the same and would appreciate hearing from you with a personal pick-me-up.

Even though I loathe that profits are made from heartfelt feelings, I love that love is celebrated — even if it is by national decree.