I love to dance and recently hit a slick spot on the dance floor. Feet went flying and I was down in a split second. I hit hard but was lucky, hobbling away with bruising only… to my pelvis… and my dignity. It was a wakeup call that has re-motivated me to keep truckin’ with exercises that so easily get brushed aside in a busy life. (Sometimes you just don’t feel like it.) Luckily, I’ve been working on my core strength for awhile and suspect it the reason we didn’t have to call 911. I’m not avid about workouts, just tenacious. No gym membership, gas expense, or matching workout clothes. Just a corner in my house, in pajamas. Since I get bored so easily, my specific routine might help YOU set something up that you can live with. Relieving boredom minimizes procrastination, so every day is different: Mon/Thurs. is upper body (arms, shoulders, back), Tue/Fri. is lower (legs, hips, butt, abs). Wed. and weekends are break days. This slow and steady routine just saved my butt…. literally.