I know, it’s easy. Just put one foot in front of the other. Well, not if you only walk a mile 4 times a week, like I do. I need to get the “biggest bang for my buck”.  Surprisingly, this means paying attention to what my body’s doing pretty much the whole way. Getting better posture and pace has meant changing lots of old habits, which die very very hard. Let’s see, chest lifted as if it’s being suspended from above, toes pointed straight ahead, shoulders down and relaxed. Keeping my eyes straight ahead, and not looking down at the street, helps keep my chin down and neck better aligned with my spine. A hint about hills: A consistent pace keeps your heart rate up, so if you shorten your stride when you come to an incline, you won’t have to slow down. Just like gearing down. Remember how first gear on a bike means pedaling twice as much, but makes the hills easier? After new habits take hold, you can start enjoying the scenery again.