Packing for a trip is always a wrenching decision making process for me. Because I only want to take one suitcase, I always think carefully about outfits and matching and looking halfway decent when I get there. Have you ever noticed that it’s only the “good” stuff that you fold so carefully into your suitcase? After all, who takes baggy? Who takes stained?  Today as I look at the little piles of my favorites all over my bed, I’m asking myself why these selections are only 10% of my closet? Answer: The other 90% is “it’s good enough to wear at home” stuff. Work clothes don’t count, of course, since those are often in another category, but think about reevaluating the clothes you wear around the house (especially if you live with your love). Your local thrift shop will love your new perspective on wardrobe weeding. Start another bag!