Habits dig ruts so slowly you don’t even realize it. Pretty soon you’re doing the same thing in the same way all the time… year after year after year. And when a behavior becomes automatic, the decision-making part of your brain starts snoozing. It’s why we can so easily talk or listen to the radio while we’re doing a complicated task such as driving.

If you pick small things to change at first you’ll be more successful. This accomplishment provides tangible proof that you can, and are, moving in the right direction. Re-evaluate parts of your life occasionally and you’ll discover habits so automatic that you don’t even notice them. Some may not be working for you anymore, or worse, be working against you.

Discarding your old ways allows you to concentrate on the positive by putting more of your energy into what’s going to enhance your life instead of drag it down. Hint: When you’re trying to stop a habit, it’s easier if you pick a new behavior to replace it with right away. This changes the perspective from “Oh no, I can’t do this.” to “Oh boy, my life’s about to get better!” Perspective is everything!