My feet were famous once. A reporter showed up to our Halloween Ball and took some action shots for a pending story. I gave my permission to be photographed as long as she didn’t include my feet, and joked about always having the biggest ones out there. So what do you suppose I saw in the paper next day? She claimed she really liked my shoes. ha
Dance has been a big part of my life for 10 years now, and the joy of moving my feet to the beat — and the body attached to them — has been divine. However, the passion I once felt has diminished lately and is giving me pause. My partner in life does not want to be my partner in dance. Music does not move him in the same way, and dancing without a regular partner is a constant challenge. The uncertainty at every function, whether they’ll be plenty of partners to go around, is getting to me. Stress is beginning to outweigh the comfort.
I’m ready to make room for something else in my life. Still dancing, but doing it less. Easing into changes gives your brain time to get used to the idea. Or… maybe I’m just trying to avoid facing the inevitable loss, a subject that I’ve thought about and written about so frequently in the last five years.
The good news is I have a choice. The decision is mine and won’t be a loss foisted on me by circumstances. This makes me smile and is making the change easier to adapt to. Giving something up makes room for something else to take it’s place, and thinking about what could be next is pretty exciting. Maybe it’ll be even better. Knowing this decision doesn’t have to be forever is also making it easier. I can always change my mind and pick it up again. The Change Police will not be arresting me for reneging.