“Don’t be dazzled by your own bullshit.” I’ve never given Willie Nelson much thought beyond his easy listening music and roguish style, but this line from a book he wrote 11 years ago, The Tao of Willie, speaks volumes. I’m a new fan!

For some reason, says Willie, the skill we develop to detect bullshit in others, doesn’t seem to detect our own. He depends on the bs detector that’s with him at all times — his mirror. He describes getting past the “Damn, I look old” as he looks closer, at his own smile and the glint in his eyes. Then he asks himself, “Is that me or is it a mask I’m wearing for other people?” Then he just keeps looking until he sees his true self again.

Willie’s words resonate because I often wonder when I meet someone new if they really are like that or “putting up a front” as they used to say. It can be hard sometimes to wade through that “front” to the real person underneath. It takes time and you have to be careful where you step.

This simple little book was a surprise. I picked it up at a library book sale because of the title. I’ll keep it because of its Willie Wisdom.