Memorial Day is often a time when you want to take off for some R&R; you’ve worked hard, you deserve it. The trouble with this is… everyone else is thinking the same. I know this because I now live in a tourist destination. Planning getaways on non-holidays isn’t always possible, but here’s a thought. Maybe if we spent more time fixing up our homes as sanctuaries and working toward living a calmer life, we wouldn’t feel the need to escape as often. This is tougher when you’re raising small children, but making even a little dent will make a difference. What if next weekend you started by evaluating your living environment. Maybe create a little sitting place in the yard… if you have one. Maybe carve out a personal niche in the house, or plan a picnic in a nearby park. Last Sunday we had breakfast for the first time in the backyard, and it started the day off very upbeat. And STARTING on a positive note works wonders.